Toy Fair 2013 – The Loyal Subjects

TF2013 LogoEach year at Toy Fair, I came across a booth in the middle of the show that just knocks my socks off. This year that booth was The Loyal Subjects’ booth. They had on display their collection of G. I. Joe and Transformers vinyl figures. With a semi-deformed aesthetic these really caught my eye, particularly the Joe ones, which haven’t had that sort of treatment before. Of these figures, the Joes will be released first with the Transformers following soon after.

Also on display were some skate decks and t-shirts, and while I didn’t snag any pictures of the shirts (you can see them on their website); I will say that they’re super soft, have great printing and seem like a great shirt. I’m pretty sure I’ll be adding one (or more) to my collection.

Check out the gallery below for pics of each figure and check their website for more details.

[nggallery id=163]

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