Funko’s first foray into blind boxed toys – Pocket God Vinyl figures

Funko sent out some exciting news today, they are entering the world of blind bagged figures with their August release of Pocket God vinyl figures. Pocket God is the 4th highest selling app in the iTunes App Store – for all time, it’s been ranked #1 for 2 months and has been in the top 50 for 3 years – so it’s a popular app. Based on the game, Funko’s releasing 16 pygmy figures in the blind bagged format. Each of the figures are packed at different ratios, with the rarest being 1 per case (1 case = 6 display boxes of 24 figures each). You can see the display box, the individual figures and the packing ratio in the gallery below.

They’re not limited to just the blind bagged figures, as Funko is also releasing 4 5″ vinyl pygmy figures. You can check those out below as well.  This is all set to be available August 20th!

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