SDCC 2011 – Hasbro’s Marvel Universe panel

Right after the mini-mates panel was the Hasbro Marvel panel, I didn’t even have to move rooms.

– Mighty Muggs will be continuing, but no specific announcements
2012 Movie Line Reveals:
Avengers – Cap, Iron Man (Mark 7) and Thor are in the case.
Amazing Spider-Man – New spider-man figure also in case.  Check the galleries

Marvel Universe

Wave 1 -Ultimate Spider-Man, Hulk (new body), Astonishing Beast, Beta Ray Bill, Kraven (looks awesome)
Wave 2 – Scarlet Witch, Punisher(new body), Spider-Man (Future Foundation) – paper bag head Spider-Man variant coming out, She-Hulk, Kang
Sneak peaks – Angel, Nighthawk, Nova, Hercules, Puck, Jubilee, Fing Fang Foom (next Masterpiece)

Keep reading after the jump for Marvel Legends news as well at the Q&A

Marvel Legends
New packaging designed, more of a splash page approach
Wave 1 – Steve Rogers, Hope Summers, Extremis Iron Man (Stealth Variant), Klaw, Constrictor, Ghost Rider (blue and more yellow/orange version), Thor (repaint of SDCC).  The Build-A-Figure is Terrax.  Due in January.
Wave 2 – Bucky Cap, Wrecking Crew (running change will be different character), Dakken (in Dark Avengers costume), Madame Masque/Madame Hydra, Drax, ‘big time’ Spider-Man  — Build a Figure Armin Zola with variant pieces to make a 2nd BAF

Distribution woes – trying to get store’s online component to carry exclusives.
Quality Control? Concerted effort to make the best figures as possible looking at individuals, but focus is on cases
Marvel Legends – SRP is $14.99
Giagantic Battles will continue
Character who rides a floating chair will be coming to Marvel U.  Professor X?
Are action figures as we know it going to die out?  Boys like action figures. They’re going to be around a long time.
Peter Parker and a guy in a suit are going to appear in Marvel U
Death’s Head is a wish-list figure – would be a good Transformers/Marvel U crossover
Legends style tie in waves are likely.  I.E. Spider-man Legends, etc.
Will SDCC exclusive Sentinel deco appear at retail?  “Very likely.”

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