Funko’s SDCC Exclusives – complete list

No Bothans died to bring this info – but this took some work. I got some info on the complete list of Funko SDCC exclusives. Yep, no more wondering about the clues. In addition to the items listed below, there will be a Pop! vinyl book released, with a price of $30. This is something I’ve been curious about for awhile, so I know I’ll be checking that out. With no further adieu, here’s the list…

Lost in Space Gold Version
V for Vendetta Bobblehead-Metallic Funko Comic Con
V for Vendetta Pop! -Metallic Funko Comic Con
Mars Attacks Bobblehead-Metallic Funko Comic Con
Mars Attacks Pop! -Metallic Funko Comic Con
Mars Attacks Pop! -Green GLOW Comic Con
Ugly Dolls-Ice Bat Pop! -Comic Con Special Edition
Ugly Dolls-NINJA Batty Shogun Pop!–Comic Con
Ugly Dolls-Ox Pop!–Comic Con Special Edition
Ugly Dolls-Wage Pop!–Comic Con Special Edition
Spiderman Movie Pop-Metallic Comic Con
Sheldon Bobblehead Comic Con Edition-Super Man shirt edition
CHESHIRE CAT Pop! paint exclusive
Winnie the Pooh Pop! FLOCKED
Alien Pop! Metallic VERSION
Mickey Mouse BLOX Alternate Colors
Yo Gabba Gabba  DJ LANCE Pop! Comic Con GLOW
Batman Vinyl Invader Robot-METALLIC Comic Con
Star Wars-Pop! X WIng Pilot- BIGGS VERSION
Star Wars-Pop! 501st Clone Trooper
Darth Maul Pop! Glow Blue Comic Con Version
Comic Con 3 BOX Pop Set-2 Snowth & 1 Manha Pop Metallics
Mickey Mouse 9” Pop! Color Exclusive
Sheldon Pop! New Tee Shirt Batman Version #1 SHIRT
Sheldon Pop! New Tee Shirt Superman #1 SHIRT-Comic Con
Sheldon Pop! New Tee Shirt Hawkman #1 SHIRT-Comic Con
Five PACK MINI BOBBLES of Big Bang Theory-paint variation
Plants vs Zombie Metallic Exclusive-Disco Zombie Pop
Loki Pop in New Avengers Box w/ Battle Damage
Dark Knight Pop Paint Variation
Uglydoll: Ugly Charlie BLOX
Uglydoll: Ice Bat BLOX
Uglydoll: OX BLOX
9” Sulley with 3” Metallic Boo in same box
Fantasia Mickey/Chernabog 2 pack Metallic PAINTS
Oogie Boogie GLOW Pop
Sulley BLOX -Version 1
Sulley BLOX -Version 2
Sparkasaurus Action Figure Set

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