Mega Man Bobble Buds at SDCC

Multiverse Studio today announced that bobbles from the Mega Man franchise were going to join the ranks of their Bobble Budd line of super deformed bobble heads. Each bobble budd stands 3.5 inches tall a features a locking mechanism for times when you want less bobbling.  The initial assortment will feature 4 characters to collect, including Mega Man, Proto Man, Guts Man, and Elec Man with subsequent characters rolling out later this year. These will hit stores late July at select online retail outlets.

Fans attending San Diego Comic-con can purchase an early bird exclusive Proto Man Bobble Budd prior to official release at Multiverse Studios / SOTA Toys booth #2846 for $11.99 each. When pictures are available, I’ll get them up!


For more information about upcoming Bobble Budd products, please visit: or


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