DC Collectibles’ Panel at SDCC 2019

Sam Levine host, Brian Waters (senior art director), Jim Fletcher (executive creator director), Todd McFarlane, Jake Castorena (director of batman vs. TMNT)

Multipart statues: Catwoman, The Penguin, The Joker, Harley Quinn (July 2020), Mr. Freeze (fall), Deadshot (fall)

DC Covergirls: Catwoman (June 2020), Frank Cho taking over in Feb 2020 – Batgirl (Feb), Supergirl (May)

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DC Designer Series: Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy (Feb ’20), Batman by Olivier Copiel in April 2020, Harley Quinn by Enrico Marini in May 2020

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DC Bombshells: Death (Dec 2019), Mary Shazam! (December 2019), The Huntress (April 2020)

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DC Gallery: collection of cowls: Rebirth, Arkham Asylum, Dark Knight Returns, The Batman who Laughs..Knightfall (Feb 2020), Red Son (April 2020), The Dark Knight(June 2020)

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Batman Animated Action Figures: Batman the Adventure Continues: Red Hood, Azrael (April 2020), Batman and Harley Quinn (cel shaded) (May 2020), The Batman Who Laughs, Talon, Vampire Batman all for Fall 2020

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DC Essentials: Knightfall Batman, Knightfall Catwoman, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Yellow Lantern Sinestro all in Jan 2020

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DC Artists Alley: May of 2020 will by Chris Uminga’s Aquaman. Brandt Peters, Patrick Ballesteros, Zach Heffelfinger coming later in 2020.

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Batman Black & White: Batman #98 by Gene Colan (Jan 2020), #99 by Doug Mahnke (March 2020), #100 Todd McFarlane (May 2020)

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Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Leonardo/Batman (Sept), Robin/Raphael (Sept), Batgirl/Donatello (October), Alfred/Michaelangelo (Nov), Ra’s al Ghul/Shredder (Dec)

TMNT/Batman Crossover

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