Game Review – Skylanders Cloud Patrol

A few weeks ago, I was provided a download code for Skylanders Cloud Patrol, the new iOS game in the Skylanders franchise. Skylanders Cloud Patrol is an on-rails shooter, where you’re a Skylander and you are shooting trolls, sheep, balloons, coins but avoiding mines at all costs! Gameplay is super simple, simply tap the screen where you want to shoot – but while gameplay is simple and straightforward the game is fast paced and can be quite challenging.

As with the Skylanders console games, you can add other Skylanders to the game by inputting a code from the character card, in game purchase, or by leveling up. Using different Skylanders as you go through the game gives you the opportunity to complete different character specific challenges. It’s a smart way to tie in the existing Skylanders characters and universe.

Visually the game is bright, colorful and the character design is chock full of fun. I’m playing on my original iPad (I know, ancient technology) and have had no issues with crashes, glitches or anything of the sort. While I’m still not very good at the game, I’m having a blast with it. If you’re a fan of the console Skylanders games, you should check this out – and at $0.99 its a steal. You can find Skylanders Cloud Patrol in the app store and catch the trailer below.



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