Going to Botcon? Reserve your Transformers Universe game name!

As if the exclusive toys, giant (3rd party toy free) dealer room, Transformers news, and panels weren’t enough to make Transformers fans happy at Botcon; an added perk for attendees was announced earlier in the week. As part of their involvement in Botcon, Jagex – makers of the Transformers MMO, Transformers Universe, will be giving Botcon attendees first dibs at registering their character name and affiliation. Jagex will also be hosting a panel on their MMO where new details and trailers of the game will be revealed.  Check out the full press release after the jump!

CAMBRIDGE, UK – APRIL 11, 2012 – Jagex, one of the largest independent games developers and publishers in the world, today announced their plans to attend BotCon 2012, the official Hasbro sponsored TRANSFORMERS fan convention. Members of the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE development team will be attending the official fan convention at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Dallas, Texas, to unveil further details of the game and offer attendees the exclusive chance to reserve their TRANSFORMERS character name for the upcoming game, due for release in late 2012.

This is the first time fans will be given the chance to reserve their names and will ensure that those attending the event will be able to choose their side, pledge their allegiance, and reserve their TRANSFORMERS character name ahead of everyone else.

In addition, attendees visiting the Jagex booth will have the opportunity to meet with members of the development team, attend a behind closed doors TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE panel discussion, and preview the latest game trailer ahead of its public release.

Representatives from the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE development, graphics and community management teams will be attending the event, including the following staff who will be taking part in the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE panel:

Kelly Vero: Principle Writer

As Principle Writer, Kelly provides the story structure and narrative design of the main over-arching and multi-nodal stories within the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE MMO. Kelly is responsible for evolving the TRANSFORMERS storyline and ensuring the game fits into the existing TRANSFORMERS lore.

Steve Huckle: Art Director

As Art Director, Steve is responsible for all artistic direction for the game and manages the team of graphic artists, modellers and concept artists. Steve’s primary role is to ensure that the graphics accurately portray the TRANSFORMERS world and offer users an unbeatably immersive experience.

Eddy Dew: Community Manager

As Community Manager, Eddy oversees the community engagement team behind the game, acting as the bridge between the development team and the fan base, through social media, TRANSFORMERS forums, 3rd party fansites and events.

The TRANSFORMERS BotCon convention runs from the 26th – 29th April at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Dallas, Texas. Those wishing to attend and meet the team can still purchase tickets from the official website: http://www.botcon.com/.

For more information about the game and to register your interest, simply visit: www.transformersuniverse.com.

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