Toy Fair 2012 – JAKKS Pacific – Men in Black 3 & Marvel

Two of JAAKS Pacific’s licensed properties are both set to have big screen years, with Men In Black 3 bringing that franchise back to theaters and Marvel having the 1,2 punch of the Avengers and the Amazing Spider-Man.

On the Marvel front, JAKKS Pacific had a number of Superhero Squad plush items ranging from small clip-on plush to their larger XL Plush figures. Each of their Super Hero Squad plush items include a special coin with a code that can unlock content at Also for the younger set were dress-up sets that included full body costumes and masks allowing kids to be Spider-Man or one of the Avengers.  For action figure collectors CDI is offering 2.5″ figures based off both The Avengers and the Amazing Spider-Man with figures available in both 2-packs and 5-packs.

For Men In Black 3, JAKKS Pacific will be offering 4″ figures in both a basic assortment and a ‘large accessory’ assortment. Each figure’s accessory has a transformation that unlocks additional play features. Also on deck for MIB3 are several role play toys, including the iconic Neuralyzer (featuring lights and sounds), the Atomizer (also with sounds and lights) and walkie-talkie communicators. Finally Frank the Pug gets his very own 6″ talking plush…which frankly everyone could use a talking pug.

Check the gallery below for images of the Men In Black 3 line.

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  1. Hi Matt! Did you get to see the MIB figures in person? Sometimes 4″ means different things to different companies, I was curious whether this was a Justice League Unlimited 4″ or a rounded up GI Joe/ Star Wars 4″. Could you tell? Thanks.

  2. The MIB3 were something I got scooted right past as my appointment was running over. At a glance they looked similar to the Playmate’s Star Trek 4″ figures — Matt

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