Updated MattyCollector Masters of the Universe schedule

Matty’s had a rough week; subscribees received a cryptic email yesterday that Fearless Photog had moved to February with no explanation from Matty. ToyGuru then announced that to address some shipping delays and to ensure that product is in-stock on it’s respective sale date – then product lineup for the first half of the year has been moved around. The current release schedule is below, but be mindful that it is subject to further changes:


Star Sisters – Club Eternia multipack

Sorceress – Club Eternia figure
Fisto – Club Eternia figure
Fearless Photog – MOTU 30th Anniversary Series figure
Shadow Weaver & Preternia Map – shipping automatically to sub holders, not for sale*

Kobra Kahn – Club Eternia® Figure

Thunder Punch He-Man – Club Eternia variant with mini-comic issue 1!
Draego-Man – MOTU 30th Anniversary Series figure

Stinkor – Club Eternia figure
Slush Head – Club Eternia figure
Snake Mountain Stands – non-subscription item

Horde Prime – Club Eternia figure
Snake Man-at-Arms – Club Eternia variant figure with mini-comic issue 2
the Mighty Spector- MOTU 30th Anniversary Series figure

Griffin – Club Eternia beast
Monthly Club Eternia Figure – to be revealed at NYTF!
MOTU 30th Anniversary Series Figure – to be revealed at NYTF!

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