AwesomeToyBlog’s Holiday Gift Guide – Day 4 – the Ben 10 fan

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s time to pick up gifts for your favorite people. But, from time to time, your favorite geek/nerd/toy collector can sometimes pose a bit of a challenge. To help you out, I’ve put together the AwesomeToyBlog holiday gift guide. Ten products, each addressing a niche in the fandom, one each day. Up today is the perfect gifts for a fan of Cartoon Network’s Ben10 animated series.

The series Ben10 tells the story of Ben, who possess a device – the Ultimatrix – which allows him to take the form of various alien creatures.  Using this device he protects the earth from all forms of evil – both extraterrestrial and terrestrial.  There’s a full line of Ben10 toys on the market from Bandai, but naturally I was drawn to the action figures.  The Hyperalien Ultimate Swampfire (priced at $10.99) represents one of the threats that Ben must face.  The figure is a nice large size (about 7inches), features a good sculpt and deco but basic, yet sturdy articulation.  This would be a great figure for younger fans – it won’t fall apart and doesn’t have pieces to lose.  The other side of the coin, represented by Terraspin, is a 4inch figure representing one of Ben’s alien forms.  Again, the toy is nicely made and sturdy – like the Swampfire figure.  One of my favorite features is the included disc with is compatible with the Ultamatrix role-play toy; adding an extra dimension to the fun.  The 4″ alien figures run about $7.50 and are available at local brick and mortar retailers as well as online.


Thanks to Bandai for providing samples to AwesomeToyBlog for this guide.

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