Lots of Matty news; subs reopening, day of figures priced higher, 30th Anniversary sub

Our good friend Matty posted quite a news post yesterday – you can see all the details over on the MattyCollector site; but here’s a quick rundown of the key points.

  • Club Infinite Earths, Club Eternia and Club Lion Force are all re-opening to subscriptions starting Friday, September 16th.  This final opportunity runs through October 3rd.
  • A special subscription is being offered for the MOTU 30th anniversary celebration; these six special figures will be released approximately every other month in 2012.  The first of these is Fearless Photog, the second is Draego, three others remain unannounced and the final will be the winner of the “design a figure” competition.  In the subscription figures will be priced at $20 each.
  • Across the board – the day of sale figures will cost more than the figures cost in the subscription.  For Club Infinite Earths; a $20 subscription figure will cost $23 day off..and a $30 oversized figure will cost $45 on the day of sale.  Details of the “day of” prices for the other clubs haven’t been shared yet.
  • Attempts are being made to combine shipping of subscription products and things bought “day of”.

That’s the general round up; I do wish they had announced a single figures only Masters of the Universe subscription, I would have picked that up in a heartbeat!

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