More Thundercats 2012 preview! Mumm-ra gets a ride!

Bandai is on a roll this week with the Thundercats news! Today they revealed more of their 2012 plans including details of the new 12″ Armor of Omens figure and Mumm-Ra’s Storm Charger vehicles.  These are both additions to the line, supporting the top notch animated series airing on Cartoon Network Fridays at 8:30 PM!

The Armor of Omens 12″ figure can only be worn by those who have mastered the Sword of Omens and serves as both a powerful weapon and protection from deadly attacks.  The 12″ figure includes an exclusive 4″ Lion-O that fits inside the armor.  Placing Lion-O in the armor unlocks special features, such as LED light-up eyes.  The Armor of Omens has a suggested retail price of $24.99.

While Lion-O gets a new suit, Mumm-Ra picks up a sweet new ride.  The Storm Charger features lights and battery powered motion that come to life when the exclusive 4″ Mumm-Ra figure is placed into the cockpit.  The ThunderLynx system of embedded magnets unlocks other features in the vehicle.  Mumm-Ra’s Storm Charger has a suggested price of $29.99.  You can see both the Armor of Omens and the Storm Charger in the gallery below.

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