DVD Spotlight #32 – He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Season 2

Name: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: The Complete Second Season
Released: September 13, 2011

Initially released at San Diego Comic-con (with the pictured limited edition packaging); the second season of He-Man’s original animated series gets a wide release from Mill Creek Studios this Tuesday, September 13th.  The 8 disc set includes all 65 episodes of season 2; 10 complete episode scripts, 50 character, creature and artifact profiles, 3 documentaries and 6 episodes with commentary tracks.  The set will be available in stores this week or is available for order now on Amazon.com.

I’ve had the chance to watch a few episodes in the set, and if you’re a fan of He-Man; this set is a must have.  The video and audio quality are good; on par with most 80’s animation releases.  A local station here in Phoenix airs He-Man and She-Ra repeats and the DVD quality is better than that of the local broadcasts.  The story quality varies from episode to episode; there are some standout episodes and some that are rather forgettable – but on a whole the ones that I’ve watched have been fun.  I imagine most folks looking to pick up this will be familiar with the series, so you know exactly what to expect story-wise.  I also spent a fair amount of time looking over the special features; I really enjoyed the documentaries as they provided some insight into the classic series. The packaging of the discs is nice, but a bit unconventional. Inside the case is a booklet and a stack of disks; each in its own paper sleeve. It’s a little different than other multi-disk sets I have, but it gets the job done and isn’t flimsy like some solutions tend to be.

The DVD release of the 2nd season of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe provides exactly what any fan of the series would want; a good quality release at a great price considering the number of episodes and special features included. All in all this set gets high marks, if you’re a He-Fan you should check it out!

A review copy was provide to AwesomeToyBlog from Mill Creek Entertainment.

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