Product Spotlight #27 – Senitype Movie collectible

During Comic-con, I was provided a sample Senitype collectible movie ticket, and wanted to share my impressions of the product.  Starting off you may wonder, what’s a Senitype collectible movie ticket?  It is individually numbered, glossy printed cardboard sleeve which houses a film frame from a movie (in my case, Captain America).  Printed on the sleeve is a redemption code, which is tied to Hollywood Movie Money – which gives you $12 towards movie tickets.  In one package you end up with a movie ticket, a film frame and a numbered commemorative piece of artwork.

Over the weekend I redeemed my Captain America credit, and printed off my HollyWood movie money.  One of the nice things about the movie money (at least at my theater) is that the $12 credit was applied to both tickets I was purchasing – so my total for both tickets was $3.  The film frame and the artwork are very nice; it is a nice presentation.

Where I think the Senitype Collectible movie ticket would be great is as a substitute for a theater gift card.  Not only are you giving the gift of the movie, you are providing a little something extra for the recipient to enjoy.  It’s just a little something special, which is probably what you’re looking for when giving a gift, no?  You can get more info on the Senitype website.

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