Toy Fair 2011 – Mezco Toyz

This morning I met with Mezco Toyz and got a tour of their showroom.  One of the key focuses for the year will be their 13th anniversary of their ‘Evil Dead Girls’ horror doll line.  To support this anniversary there is a new series of dolls ‘Things with Wings’, a 2012 calendar, mini-figures and some plush figures.

Mez-itz, their in-house brand of vinyl deformed figures, are continuing in 2011 with a focus on DC characters.  In addition to the full sized Mez-itz they are introducing mini-mez-itz and compatible vehicles.  The mini-mez-itz will also be available as keychains.  The Mez-itz product looked really great and was my personal favorite Mezco offering, I have to get my hands on the Wonder Woman, she looks fantastic.

Also proudly on display was their mega-figure of Lion-O from Thundercats.  I’ve already posted a few articles about this piece, but the description really doesn’t do it justice.  The figure is huge and is a great sculpt, and the most surprising fact about this piece is that the suggested price is right around $40.

The final section of the Mezco showroom featured a 2nd series of ‘Little Big Planet’ figures including a large scale DIY SackbBoy allowing you to customize the deco to your liking.  Also on display were numerous South Park figures as that successful line continues for another year.

Peruse the gallery below to see images of the Mezco Toy Fair showroom.

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