Fanhome Relaunching Eaglemoss’s Enterprise-D Build-Up Model Subscription

The U.S.S. Enterprise-D is once again ready to reach warp speed! Fanhome, under license from Paramount Consumer Products, has reintroduced the build-up model of Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s iconic starship as seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation. This 1:8 scale die-cast metal Enterprise-D features multiple assembly stages that click and screw together (screwdriver included!), thereby avoiding the need for paint or glue. Upon completion, the Enterprise-D measures 26.5 inches long and 20 inches wide. Product details include light-up engines, illuminated deflector dish and windows, and a detachable saucer section.

Subscribers receive a package each month that contains multiple assembly stages with everything required to build the Enterprise-D model. Package #1 includes two assembly stages, and all subsequent
packages will beam four assembly stages directly to modelers’ homes. Each stage comes with a detailed magazine filled with simple step-by-step instructions and an episode-by-episode guide to every installment of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Additionally, subscribers receive the following gifts throughout their subscription: a metal Enterprise-D mug, an Enterprise-D t-shirt, an Enterprise-D screw
box, a Star Trek: The Next Generation magazine binder, and a display base.

“Fans have made it loud and clear that they want to get back to building the Enterprise-D, and we at
Fanhome are happy to accommodate them, and also to introduce the build-up model to anyone just getting into the hobby,” Nuño Pasqual del Pobil, Chief Digital Marketing & Communication Officer of
Fanhome, said in a statement. “The Enterprise-D is one of the most beloved ships in all of science fiction,
and it’s an honor for us to release it from spacedock.”

Visit to sign up for the U.S.S. Enterprise-D subscription. Fanhome is currently offering
special first- and second- package discounts for new subscribers. Those who previously subscribed
through Eaglemoss can select, based on their most recent package, from where they start off in the

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