Toy Fair 2011 – Lego

Early Sunday morning, before Toy Fair officially opened Lego welcomed collectors into their showroom for a tour of their showroom and breakfast. On display were most of the Lego lines, one notable absence being the Lego Architecture line, however, the Lego reps did say that Architecture was continuing this year.

On the mini-figure front, boxes and images for the 3 planned collectible mini-figure series this year were on display.  These are Series 3, 4, and 5 with series 3 already available at retail (or may have already left your area).  Some of the standout figures in series 4 and 5 are hockey player, kimono girl, and guy in a lizard suit.  I’m really addicted to these mini-figure collections, so I’m thrilled to see them continuing this year.

New for this year are the Alien Conquest line, an original Lego line.  These sets have some great action features built into them and I’m really pleased to see an original line vs. another licensed property.  Also new, which has already hit a store near you is the Ninjago series, which combines the construction aspect of Lego with the spinning-top combat game.  On the licensed front there were 2 new properties, Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars 2.  For each of these properties Lego had a huge display piece, a life-size Jack Sparrow for Pirates and a huge Lightning McQueen for Cars2.

On the Star Wars front, the most exciting piece of news is the announcement of a Star Wars Advent Calendar! I’ve enjoyed the past 2 Lego City calendars, so it’s impossible that I won’t love this one as well.  The other Star Wars item that really caught my eye was a new Millennium Falcon kit.  It’s a nice sized model, not prohibitively large, but not too small.  And finally there’s an Ewok Attack set with 2 mini-figure Ewoks – what’s not to love there?

Thanks to Lego for hosting this event for collectors and giving us the opportunity to photograph their showroom.  Check out the gallery below for images from the Lego showroom, including the Lego Star Wars line-up, Lego Heroes, Lego City, and everything else.

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  1. I think that Lego will be a big hit this Christmas. There seems to be a lot of cars 2 lego toys being released and lego pirates of the Caribbean will be popular this year as they have just released a new film and cars 2 will be released later this year.

  2. I agree with Mandy. Lego is going to be huge this year. They have licensed some really great properties: Pirates of the Carribean and Disney Pixar Cars 2. Along with all of the other great products they have: Kingdoms, Star Wars, Ninjago and many others, they will certainly be a hit. That’s why we brought the entire line into our product mix at and offer 80% of Lego’s collection at our store. Please be sure to visit when you have a moment.

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