Toy Fair 2011 – Hasbro Marvel Universe

A huge focus for Hasbro this year will be the ‘Avengers Assemble’ theme with the continuing Iron Man line, and new Captain America and Thor movie lines.  This is in addition to the core Marvel Universe line and the Spider-man line.  Below are highlights of the Hasbro presentation.  Which, this was my favorite part of the Hasbro event, really enjoyed the material the team put together.

  • Thor merchandise shelf date of March 1st; Movie arriving May 6th
  • A whole wardrobe of Thor role-play toys will be available, including his helmet, which talks and shoots a small projectile
  • There’s a slew of Thor figures on the horizon, refer to the galleries for images
  • Super Hero Squad is continuing in the form of movie 3 packs for both Thor and Captain America
  • Captain America toys hitting shelves in May with the movie releasing July 22nd
  • Several role play shields being released, one shoots foam discs – like the old Millenium Falcon and Tie Fighter toys; another is a frisbee.  Two of these were thrown into the crowd.
  • Several figures in the line up – Captain Britain, Movie-uniform Captain America, Battle Field Captain America, Winter Soldier, and US Agent (who looks awesome)
  • Captain America will have several vehicles, similar to the ones Iron Man has
  • As reported at SDCC, several ‘team’ sets coming.  Fantastic Three (Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, the Thing and H.E.R.B.I.E),  X-force , original Avengers (Hulk, Thor, Kirby-styled Iron Man, Wasp, Ant-Man & flying ant) and Giant Size X-Men set
  • Marvel Universe 2011 Wave 3 – Doctor Strange (variant clear figure coming – astral plane), Falcon, Skaar, Doctor Doom (new), Scarlet Spider
  • Marvel Universe 2011 Wave 4 – Steve Rogers, X-23, Dark Hawk (Variant costume coming), Namor (new version), Ultron (new version)
  • Cable with Hope won’t always include Hope, so pick this one up before the running change
  • Comic Packs: Wolverine and Silver Samurai, Spider-man vs. Captain Britain, Power Man and Iron Fist (incredible), Adam Warlock vs. Thanos
  • SDCC Exclusive – Giant Carded Sentinal – deep purple color.  The retail version will have a different deco and be boxed
  • No X-Men: First Class toys however some TRU exclusive X-Men toys coming – Jean and Scott 2-pack, Wolverin and Sabertooth 2-pack, the X-Men team box-set
  • Lots of Spider-Man in 2012 due to the new movie.
  • 2011 SDCC exclusive Marvel Legends #0 – Thor
  • Prototypes shown for Ultimates Hawkeye, Captain America and the Build-a-figure Terrax

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