Toy Fair 2011 – Hasbro GI Joe

Part of the Hasbro Toy Fair Collectors event was a presentation by the GI Joe team.  Below are highlights of the presentation

  • 2011 will be a celebration of the almost 30th Anniversary of GI Joe: Real American Hero, so Hasbro is launching “30 for 30”; a collection of approximately 30 items celebrating Joe vs. Cobra
  • 12″ figures are returning to toy aisles
  • There will be 3 distinct themes to cardbacks starting this fall; a GI Joe card, Cobra card and a Renegades card.  All three designs were visually distinct and pretty great looking
  • Basic figures Wave 3 line up – General Hawk, Cobra Trooper, Steel Brigade, Cobra Commander, Jungle BAT, Blowtorch
  • Basic figures Wave 4 line up – Crazy Legs, Croc Master, Snake Eyes
  • Fall Wave 1 – Firefly, Renegades Duke, Technoviper, Renegades Snake Eyes, Renegades Cobra Commander, Hazard Viper
  • A new mold of the Skystriker is coming, maintains the original features; great looking jet.
  • SDCC EXCLUSIVE – Starscream deco of the Skystriker with Cobra Commander and a mini-G1 Megatron in gun mode – this looks awesome, its a great piece.

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