Botcon news summary

Most of the Botcon events for the day are wrapped up, so below are some highlights to today’s reveals.  Of course, check and for full coverage.

Hasbro Studios Panel

  • Prime will be a fully CG show.
  • 26 episodes so far.
  • Set in Movie continuity, small group of Autobots remaining on earth to thwart any returning Decepticons.
  • Optimus is leader,  Arcee, Bulkhead, Ratchet,Bumblebee and Cliffjumper are core Autobots
  • Decepticons: Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave.
  • Show will delve into what it means to hold the rank of Prime.
  • Show likely will not launch Oct 10
  • Writers have plots established until season 4, Hasbro has faith in the longevity of the show.
  • There will be recurring humans but the show is mainly bot-centric.

Hasbro Marketing Panel

  • Greg Lombardo, Eric Siebenaler, Bill Rawley, Matt Proulx, and Bryan Welken take center stage
  • Fall 2010 materials – largely revealed at toy fair.  Some new things however most will be in tomorrow’s designer panel
  • Generations
    * Cybertronian Bumbleebee, Cybertron Optimus, Drift, Thrust, Cybertronian Megatron, Darkmount (alternate head and redeco ideas shown tomorrow), Cybertron Soundwave, Red Alert, Dirge, Blurr-IDW-ish head-big gun and little guns
  • Power Core Combiners
    * 2 pack: Huffer w/ Caliburst–trying to make Huffer cooler, Smolder w/ Chopster, Searchlight w/ Backwind, Icepick w/ Chainclaw, Leadfoot w/ Pinpoint, Windburn (heli redeco), Darkstream (Aeriel redeco), Steelshot (Combaticon redeco)
    * 5 pack: Bombshock (yes, Japanese names), Aerielbots, Doubleclutch (Rallybots), Mudslinger (destructicons), Stakeout (Protectobots, from Smolder mold), Crankcase (Destrons, Huffer mold, looks like Stunticons)

Transformers Club Panel

  • Brian Savage, Larry Lathom, Pete Sinclair, Ben Yee, and Karl Hartman.
  • 2011 Free figure – RID Sideburn from Classics Hot Rod
  • 2011 1st Exclusive: G2 Ramjet
  • The original idea for this year was built on Actionmaster Thundercracker as the Freebie (Ramjet as part of 1 set)–but it was already used by Hasbro at the time for US seekers
  • 2011 2nd Club Exclusive: Animated Transtech Cheetor, new headsculpt based on comic and Draxhall Jump concepts, using Animated Blurr mold

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