Doctor Who toys that will never be

Doctor Who logoBack in 1996, Doctor Who was getting a big break with a major US network commisioning a TV movie that would also serve as a potential pilot for a new series.  This movie introduced us to the one and only showing of the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann (books and audio adventures aside), as it flopped.

It was during this era of Who history that Bluebird toys, makers of Polly Pockets, planned their Doctor Who toys.  The main focus of the line would be miniature figures which fit into fold-out playsets in Who related shapes.  One set was released; a Dalek set that included minifigures of the 4th Doctor and Davros.  While once a very profitable company, Bluebird saw profits decline and were absorbed by Mattel (who still makes Polly Pockets today).  So while several other sets were designed and prototyped, none of them were ever released.  See several of the proposed products after the jump.

This TARDIS model would unfold into a 3 level playset with an interior designed after the TV Movie.  This set would include minifigures of McGann’s Doctor and Roberts’ Master. Below you can see these minifigures as well as proposed packaging for sets of additional figures; much like Star Wars Micromachines had trooper packs.

Another proposed playset was a Cyberman, however, the item that would have made me most excited at the time is the prototype classic Sonic Screwdriver replica.  Fortunately Underground Toys released on this year, ending years of waiting.

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