Marvel Q&A – November 2010 edition


Quite a week for Q&A.  Here’s the latest set of Marvel info from the fine folks at HASBRO.  As always, if there’s soemthing you’d like to see asked, let me know by leaving a comment, sending an email or finding me on twitter.  So lets get to the interesting parts

1)  Can you share some of the details of what would have been at, had the site been launched?
Nick Fury himself has rendered this info CLASSIFIED.  Even our access to these details is now DENIED! 
2)  The clear Vision variant was on display at SDCC, what waves will that figure be shipping with?
We expect this figure to hit shelves (along with several other “most wanteds” & elusive variants) to hit shelves around January.  Also, be on the lookout for the Moonstone Ms. Marvel, Bullseye, Black Widow and the Red & Blue Warpath.  
 3)  The new Dark Phoenix figure is an impressive figure; but I have a feeling it would look great in green…any chance that might be in the cards?
Green would be good….but would the white costume be better?  Discuss!

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