New Doctor Who Classics announcement – Revenge of the Cybermen 3-pack

Doctor Who logoProving once again that Underground Toys and Character Options actually do love me, yet another new release for the Doctor Who Classics line has been announced.  Coming this November is a 3 (almost 4) pack from the4th Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith classic episode “Revenge of the Cybermen”.  This pack includes 2 Cybermen, a Cyberleader and a Cybermat.  The only pre-order that has been announced is Forbidden Planet’s, so US availability and pricing is currently unknown. When pre-orders are available for the US, I’ll be sure to pass that information along.

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  1. SO COOL! I just spent $180 on Classic Figures to get my collection up-yo-date and now this I Love CO. Please keep them coming and they are amazing!

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