Underground Toys unveils classic Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who logoUnderground Toys unveiled their new classic Doctor Who item today at San Diego Comic-con.  The reveal was the 3rd Doctor’s sonic screwdriver.  The piece is expect to ship in September, and while final pricing hasn’t been decided, it is expected to cost about the same as other sonics in the line.  Check out a full gallery of the piece below:

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  1. OHMIGREAT Gallifreyen Goose Pimples!!! I have been dreaming of CO doing a classic SOnic since they first started Sonics and it’s finally going to be real!!! I hope a 4th DOctor version is a quick folow up as that one will satisfy every childhood desire I had (well, short of a real one of course!). Anyone know if the size will be 1:1 with the prop (or reasonably close to it)? I had a giant sonic as a kid and it was always a huge (pun intended) disappointment – CO’s looks absolutely beautiful!!! 🙂

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