SDCC – Hasbro Star Wars panel

A few minutes from the start of the Star Wars panel, today is going smooth.  Two main toy panels today, Star Wars and MattyCollector.  I have low expectations for the Star Wars panel, as any major reveals would have to be shared with Celebration V.  If the line moves, I’ll get to find out.

  • “2010 will be more focused but it will be a celebration”
  • Details on the Galactic Battle Game – all products except vintage.  Kid friendly battle game.  Will continue through 2011.
  • Clone Wars wave 3 – Ki Adi Mundi, Flame Trooper Clone Trooper and Clone Trooper Pilot
  • Sergeant Bric Mail-in details – Play mat holds 16 figures; Sergeant Bric is a bounty hunter hired to train clone cadets
  • Battle Packs Wave 2 – Mandolorian Troopers and Arc Troopers
  • Hyena Bomber is a nice sized toy.
  • 3 3/4″ Hailfire droid goes about 9 mph and fires 18 missles.  Big focus for the fall…will have a commercial
  • Vintage will run at least 2 years
  • 2010 has 37 basic figures, 4 waves this fall.  Gap between wave 2 and 3.
  • 27 of 37 new figures will have new tooling and deco.  Other 10 are “greastest hits”
  • Both a Sandtrooper and Stormtrooper will be out this year in Vintage
  • Wave 5 of Vintage is Return of the Jedi – Gammorean Guard, Admiral Ackbar, Jabba Sail Barge  Luke, Woof and new R2D2 (slightly smaller and more in scale), Endor Commando, Wicket
  • Wedge Antilles is delayed out of the Return of the Jedi wave
  • AT-AT gets a round of applause
  • Force FX lightsabers now have removable blades and now includes the appropriate belt clip.  Makes a short circuit sound if you try to turn the saber on without a blade.
  • Galactic Heroes has 4 2 packs coming in September…and the AT-AT will be out in August
  • Boba Fett helmet has new dialogue recorded for the helmet!
  • Yoda will make his debut as a crossover.
  • Old Republic and TFU2 figures in 2012!
  • Exclusives:  Kul Teska (TRU); Jodo Kast (kMart); Nikto skiff guard (TRU)
  • Series of 2 packs with single episode DVDs from Clone Wars.  Malevolence trilogy is the first 3 episodes.
  • 2 pack take on Evolutions.   Grievous, Boba Fett and Vader – exclusive to Toys R Us
  • Target 2 packs; several clone wars packs.
  • KMart 4 pack of “hottest” clones.
  • Walmart will have Kit Fisto’s starfighter
  • 6 more Geonosis 2 packs coming to Target.  3P0 is on the Build-a-droid protocal body
  • Vintage AT-AT box is gorgeous.  Tie Fighter and Snowspeeder will be Target exclusives.  TIE Fighter is new cockpit small wings
  • Mini-Muggs are TARGET exclusives – October
  • Attack on Hoth super battle packs coming from TARGET; AT-ST, Rebel tower.  Includes a clean shaven rebel trooper
  • Entertainment Earth has picked up comic packs (follow the link on the left to place an order)
  • The 2011 preview is held for Celebration V.

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