Figure Evolution – Hoth Leia

Figure Evolution - Hoth Princess Leia

This figure evolution will take a look at two figures of Princess Leia in her Hoth apparel.  On the left is the Power of the Force 2 figure and the right is the new Vintage Collection figure.  One of the interesting things about this comparison is that the PotF2 Leia really didn’t feel dated until photographed with the Vintage Collection figure.  In essentially every category the new Vintage figure trumps the PotF2 one.  The Vintage collection figure has 12 points of articulation compared to the 6 on PotF2 Leia.  The scale of the Vintage Collection is also closer, with the figure being considerably smaller than the PotF2 one.  The sculpt and deco are also superior on the Vintage figure; with Leia’s outfit being made up of several off-white tones, compared to the mono-white PotF2 figure.  Also interesting is that while both Leia’s have a rank badge sculpted on the vest – the PotF2 one remained unpainted ad just blends in on the vest while the Vintage collection has multiple paint-ops on just this small portion of the figure.

I’m being pretty harsh on PotF2 Leia here, but its time to remember that she was released in 1999…that’s 11 years ago and Star Wars figures have changed significantly in that time.  The new Vintage Collection can safely retire your PotF2 Hoth Leia and serve, perhaps, as the definitive Hoth Leia.

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