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I send in some questions, Hasbro sends back the answers.  Welcome to AwesomeToyBlog’s first Marvel Q&A with questions submitted on 6/4/10.  If there’s a question you want answered; leave a comment below and I’ll consider it for the next round.

1) Is it difficult to keep retailer interest in the core Marvel Universe line when a movie line (Iron Man 2, Wolverine Origins, etc) is on the horizon?
No. We have had a great response from both retailers and the fan base to support both movie lines and the Marvel Universe line. (Editor’s note – then where’s all the new stuff?)

2)  What sort of synergy is in place with Marvel editorial direction?  For example, if Marvel HQ decides that 2011 is Dazzler’s year to shine, do you get adequate advance notice so that you can have her on the pegs for 2011?
We work closely with Marvel to align with upcoming story lines and publications.  Trust us, when Dazzler’s time to shine comes, we will be the first ones there with sunglasses on.

3)  The SDCC carded Galactus looks great!  For folks unable to make the show, will the boxed mass market release be available at all retailers in fall 2010, or will it be an exclusive?  Are there any significant differences between the packed in Silver Surfer and the previously available single carded release?
The mass version is not an exclusive.  More details on specifics will be released at SDCC.

Thanks to Hasbro and HunterPR for the Q&A!

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