Final 2010 Botcon Updates

Botcon, the official Transformers convention, wrapped up yesterday and now it’s time to wrap up the coverage.  Here I’ll just share some highlights, for full coverage and discussion – check out TheAllSpark.  From the designer’s panel here are the highlights:

  • Hasbro will be releasing G1 Legends characters- Optimus, Starscream, Megatron (a GUN to scale with Masterpiece Starscream)
  • HTFD Scout Class Windcharger, very G1 design
  • Darkmount redeco coming: PRETENDER SKULLGRIN
  • Deluxe Thunderwing, with a reimagining of his Pretender shell’s jet mode as a drone
  • WFC Cliffjumper (WfC Bumblebee repaint)
  • Generations Tracks (likely redecoed into Wheeljack), Perceptor (to be remolded into REFLECTOR, halftrack pickup like on Animated, chest opens to reveal scanning hardware), Fallback (ROTF Brawn redeco, Outback colors), and JAZZ!
  • Voyager Lugnut – Possible redeco into Jhiaxus! Another Animated continuity migrant, big WWII bomber jet alt mode.
  • Universe Inferno into Grapple. New head, crane boom added
  • New PCCs: Skyhammer with Airlift- Airlift becomes Skyhammer’s helmet. Heavy Tread with Ground Spike- tank and turret
  • DINOBOTS. Lead by Grimstone the Styracosaurus, in G1 colors. Pachycephalosaurus, Dimetrodon (NOT A DINOSAUR!), Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurus.

Two additional news items – the final inductee into the Transformers Hall of Fame (via online vote) is  – Dinobot.  Next years convention will be June 2-5 in Pasadena, CA.  The Botcon website has been updated with information on next years show.

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