Marvel Universe New Products – Giant Size X-Men Boxset, Havok, Wave 10

I almost called this post “The Most Awesome Pictures I Saw Today”; but I didn’t think that was a great title for a post.  Floating around the message boards (The Allspark, the Fwoosh, etc) I found some new pictures were posted of upcoming Marvel Universe figures. There are no details of when / where / how much these products are being released.  I’d expect information on these to be made available next month around Comic-con.

Taking a page from my favorite Toy Biz Marvel release, there’s an image of a Marvel Universe box set commemorating the release of Giant Size X-Men 1.  This set includes classic versions of Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Warpath.  The clincher for me is the version of Storm included; hands down my favorite costume.  This is a must buy; despite the number of repacks / repaints.  Check out an image here.

2nd up is a single carded Havok, again in his classic black costume.  Looks great, but not a lot to talk about.  Here’s a pic.

Finally is an image of what is believed to be Marvel Universe wave 10.  In the line up we have Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man, Wolverine, Captain Britain, Mystique and Ghost Rider.  Loving the Mystique and Ghostrider…Wolverine is giving me a ToyBiz vibe (in this case, that’s bad).  Check out a picture here.

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