Figure Spotlight 98 – “An Unearthly Child” First Doctor

“An Unearthly Child” First Doctor

Series: Doctor Who Classics

Release Date: 5/2010

Earlier this week I wrote about the severe allocationing of the newest 3 Doctor Who classic figures.  Friday, all three sets arrived on my doorstep and were quickly opened.  First we’ll take a closer look of the first Doctor as he very first appeared on screen in the episode “An Unearthly Child”.

This version of the first Doctor represents his first appearance, with a closed jacket, a cape, scarf and hat.  This figure is a fairly significant remold of last year’s SDCC exclusive First Doctor.  All the additions are top notch; this figure is perfect.  The details in the deco are very neat and well applied.  The figure includes two accessories, a walking cane and a skull (as used by the Doctor to scare the cavemen).  The cane is made of very rubbery material, and is the low-point of the figure.  The skull, on the other hand, is oddly fantastic.  Great sculpt and paint work on the skull.  It might have been nice if it had been on a stick, as it was used in the episode…but a “skull on a stick” does make for a strange accessory, doesn’t it?

So in the end, getting this figure could have been a hassle, and quite a few fans are unhappy with the business side of Doctor Who toys.  But on the fun side of things, this release is fantastic.  If the classics line continues with releases like this, I’ll possibly end up with far less money, as I will track down every single one of them.

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