Firefly Dolls coming from Tonner

I promise that I’m not going to regularly write about dolls, but I thought I’d pass this information out.  At the 2010 Tonner convention, there will be an event where some new Firefly products will be premiered; an Inara Serra “product” and Mal Reynolds.  No pictures are available (yet) and these dolls typically run about $120-$180 each.

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  1. Great news. Just to clarify, the Inara item won’t be an Inara doll, but it will be something to do with Inara. Perhaps an accessory. When and if Tonner does make an Inara doll, it should be very well done though – that’s the kind of doll Tonner has the most experience making.

  2. There was a doll of Inara Serra (Sihnon – Edition of 200); the doll was the Tonner Convention Firefly Breakfast event souvenir (included for the price of the event). There is another Inara planned for the regular line. You can see Sihnon at Tonner’s website.

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