Figure Spotlight 96 – Hawkeye


Series: Secret Wars 2-packs, Marvel Universe

Release Date: 1/2010

As the final figure I have left to spotlight in wave 3 of the Secret Wars 2-packs; we’ll look at Marvel’s resident archer, Hawkeye.

I suppose I saved the best for last.  Hawkeye is fantastic.  Hasbro did a great job adding the costume elements to the figure – the rubber tunic and ‘skirt’ really work on this figure.  The head sculpt is fantastic, with Hawkeye flashing a cocky smirk.  Only 2 complaints; Hawkeye’s bow doesn’t have a string – which I admit would be a tough bill to fill.  The other is that Hawkeye came with an arrow accessory, but it’s pretty useless.  I did manage to get a picture with the arrow, but I had to glue it to Hawkeye’s hand.  Not the best accessory, but those two nits aside, this is a great figure!

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