Hasbro 2010 Toy Fair – More Marvel Universe details

As I posted yesterday, HASBRO had their main toy fair presentation outlining some of the big products for 2o10 (see that report here)More details of the 2010 Marvel Universe line have been shared from HASBRO’s showroom.

  • 2010 Wave 2 will be hitting retailers soon (parts of the wave are on Hasbrotoyshop)
  • 2010 Wave 3 Line-up announced: Archangel, Kitty Pryde (with Lockheed), Havok, AIM Soldier, Colossus, and Juggernaut
  • 2010 Wave 4 Line-up announced: Iron Patriot, Skrull Soldier, Iron Spidey, Wrecker, Winter Soldier, Mary Jane Watson (with Ms. Lion)
  • There will be running variants of the figures several examples are the translucent Vision, Karla Sofen Ms. Marvel and a red/blue Warpath
  • On the comic 2-pack front, while Secret Wars only have 1 wave left to go, the 2-packs will be continuing.  3 of the packs announced were Cyclops and Phoenix (these 2 look fantastic); Dark Avengers Spider-man and Wolverine; and Sentry and Spider-man.
  • Galactus is 19″ tall, costs $50, is fully articulated, has electronics and includes a Silver Surfer figure
  • Finally, there will be several Target exclusive 2-packs with Iron Man / Black Panther, Iron Man / Punisher, Spider-Man / Green Goblin, and Wolverine / Hand Ninja

And for you fans of Marvel Legends – Toys R Us will have Marvel Legends 2-packs.  The fan choices of Deadpool, Black Widow, and Valkyrie will be teamed up with the Hasbro picks of Warpath, Winter Soldier, and Hulk (McGuinness-style).

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