SDCC 2012 – Hasbro’s Transformers panel

The first panel of the convention is a wrap – its the Hasbro Transformers panel. I’ve got some notes after the jump – but most of the info is in the gallery of the slides from the panel. Check it out!

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Total Fall of Cybertron line – About 40 pieces total, considered a relaunch for Generations
First Editions of ‘Prime’ any re-distribution chances? Being reissued this fall to Toys R Us.
New episodes of Transformers: Prime? Returning in Fall
Last wave of ‘Dark of the Moon’ product – trying to find a way to get them out
Metroplex Toy: That’d be pretty cool if we did one?

Transformers: the Ride 3D
Same previous discussed TF:the Ride toys

Transformers Universe
MMO in fall.

Transformers Prime: Returning in Fall.

2012&2013 Toy Reveals

Rescue Bots
1. Bots and Robbers HQ
2013 Theme — Energize
Figues & Bot – 2packs in 3in scale

Kre-O Minifigures and Microchangers
4 figures combine to make a bigger one

Transformers Prime
Wave 4 – Thundertron and Ultra Magnus
Wave 5 – Skyquake

New card designs and new styles coming next year

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