Figure of the Day 81 – Rum Sleg

Rum Sleg

Series: Star Wars: Legacy Collection
Availability: 2009
Comments: Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Star Wars: the Phantom Menace, HASBRO has dedicated one of the 2009 waves to this record breaking movie.  Included is a build-a-droid part, and details of the mail away Qui Gon Jinn with Eopie.

Rum Sleg…where to begin?  I suppose the right place to begin is with full disclosure.  I have no idea who Rum Sleg is, or where in the movie he is.  No.  Clue.  That said, this is easily one of the most visually interesting figure of the wave.  The figure is also fun – well articulated, double holsters, removable helmet, little tubes that attach.  I might not know who he is, or what he does, but he’s pretty cool.

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