Figure of the Day 76 – Sea Devil

The Doctor

Series: Doctor Who Classics
Availability: 2009
Comments: First announced at the 2009 San Diego Comic-con, Underground Toys’ newest exclusive sets are 2 sets of the Third Doctor, each packaged with a classic monster.  Here is a Sea Devil from the 1974 episode ‘The Sea Devils’.

Following the model of the 2009 San Diego Comic-con Dr. Who exclusives, the newest 3rd Doctor packs each came with a classic monster.  The Sea Devil is a repaint of the figure that was issued as part of the first wave of classics.  One nice thing, the whole figure is a different skin tone, differentiating it from the other Sea Devil very well.  The figure is an excellent one…so I don’t mind having a second one.  And really, one cannot have enough figures that are wearing mesh clothing.  See a pic of the Sea Devil and the Doctor after the jump.

Third Doctor and Sea Devil

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