Figure of the Day 57 – Dana Scully

Dana Scully

Series: X-Files
Release Date: 1998
Comments: After the end of its 5th season, The X-Files made the jump from small screen to big screen. The big screen adventures of Mulder and Scully also finally opened the door for X-Files action figures, released by MacFarlane toys. The line only had a few unique figures, but each figure had several package variants (different colors, different pack-ins).

Just the other day I discussed Scully’s partner, Mulder.  The same criticisms apply here, limited articulation, no gun, etc.  However Scully fared a little worse off regarding her head sculpt.  While Mulder’s was spot on, Scully’s is not.  Even the eye make-up seems off; I don’t recall Scully wearing goth-ish eye liner on the show.  That said, if you’ve got a Mulder then you’re going to need a Scully.  She’s not a bad figure, but she falls short of the standard set by Mulder.

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