Figure of the Day 53 – Snake-eyes


Series: GI Joe; 25th Anniversary Series
Release Date: 2008
Comments: The 25th Anniversary of GI Joe: A Real American Hero brought some fantastic versions of the classic characters to toy aisles everywhere.  Featuring new, modern scuplts on classic card backs, HASBRO made a very classy anniversary line.

Snake-eyes, everyone’s favorite mute ninja, is a fairly average figure.  And that’s not meant as a bad thing.  I’ve previously raved about Cobra Commander, Destro and Scarlett; all fantastic figures.  Snake-eyes is more of the same; great sculpt, great articulation, great accessories.  But he’s all black, almost visually boring and to top it off – hard to photograph.  There really isn’t much to say about Snake that hasn’t been said about the others already.  He’s just as good!

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