Figure of the Day 44 – Green Arrow

Green Arrow

Series: DC Universe; Crisis Series Three Pack
Release Date: 2008
Comments: Like I said yesterday, I’m no DC fanboy.  While I’m familiar with the ‘heavy hitters’ of the DC universe, I don’t really keep track of the going’s on. As such, I’m assuming that Green Lantern is a lot like Marvel’s Hawkeye, only with more of a Robin Hood thing happening.

Green Arrow came in the same three pack as Green Lantern and Black Canary.  I’m pleased to say that Green Arrow is more like Hal then Dinah.  Seriously, that Black Canary toy sucked.  Green Arrow, or Oliver as the box tells me, features the same articulation as Hal.  Again ankle joints would be nice, but I’ll overlook it this time.  What Green Arrow has that’s awesome is that his ‘tunic’ is an extra piece that covers his torso, like an actual little shirt.  This is a cool little detail, which frankly I didn’t expect.  Maybe it was cheaper to pump out a rubber shirt than make a dedicated torso, but it works.  Green Arrow and Green Lantern made this 3 pack totally worth it.  Particularly when purchased for ~ $4 at Target.

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