Figure of the Day 39 – Human Torch

Human Torch

Series: Marvel Universe; Secret Wars Comic Packs
Release Date: 2009
Comments: After a long run of figures at a 5″ scale, then 6-7″ scale for Marvel legends; HASBRO has moved the Marvel universe to their popular 3 3/4″ scale. Following the sucess of Star Wars and G.I. Joe comic packs, Marvel packs are a natural fit; these being comic book characters and all that. For their first venture, HASBRO chose the 12 issue limited series “Secret Wars”.

Comic pack #2 (featuring Secret Wars #2) includes Wolverine and Human Torch (carded image after the jump).   Human Torch is a pretty solid figure; the musculature is about right.  Not too bulky and not too skinny (that’s you KLAW).  I’m glad then went with a fully “flame on” Human Torch for this release…the 1/2 Johnny Storm 1/2 Human Torch is tough to pull off and usually doesn’t work.  As it is, we have a figure who looks enough like a guy made of fire…ergo I call it a success.

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Carded #2

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