Figure of the Day 32 – Destro


Series: GI Joe: 25 Anniversary Collection
Release Date: 2007
Comments: This past weekend Paramount Pictures and HASBRO release the big screen action figure “GI Joe: Rise of Cobra”. Coincidentally, Fry’s grocery stores are clearancing out their GI Joe figures; so I bring to you the arms dealer Destro.

What a difference 25 years makes for a toy line! Carded, the figure uses the same approach as the Original Trilogy collection from Star Wars, using the classic cardback with a vastly updated figure. The overall effect is slick, but this isn’t a toy you should leave carded.
Destro here is a pretty great figure.  One of the things I like about these 25th anniversary Joes is how well they are proportioned.  Destro seems is a nice, bulky figure.  Just like the cartoon.  In fact, it is so well done that it seems like Destro stepped off the DVD and turned into a little plastic jointed guy.  Well jointed at that!  Like other figures in the 25th anniversary line the body features ~14 points of articulation allowing Destro a great range of motion.  If I were to improve one thing on this figure it would have been to have a vac-metallized head.  But there’s likely another modern Destro out there with that, and I’m just too lazy to look. See two more pictures after the jump.

25th Joe - Destro

25th Joe - Destro Carded

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