Figure of the Day 28 – Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine

Series: Star Wars Legacy Collection
Release Date: 2009
Comments:  This rendition of Emperor Palpatine is inspired by his appearance in “The Empire Strikes Back” as a hologram communicating with Darth Vader.  In lieu of being a large clear floating head (the 2008 San Diego Comic-con exclusive) this is a more direct translation of what was seen on screen, plus a light saber.  The figure is well articulated, as expected for a modern Star Wars figure.  The robe features a soft goods body with a rubber hood – this combination works particularly good for this figure; and makes one of the best cloaked Palpatine figures yet.  Underneath his hood, you have a more ‘chimp-eyes’ version of the Emperor (see a close-up shot after the jump).  As a fan of the not-so-special edition of the movie, this is a fantastic move by HASBRO to make a nice twist on what could have just been another “old guy in a robe” figure.

Legacy Emporer - close up

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