Figure of the Day 27 – Klaw


Series: Marvel Universe; Secret Wars Comic Packs
Release Date: 2009
Comments: After a long run of figures at a 5″ scale, then 6-7″ scale for Marvel legends; HASBRO has moved the Marvel universe to their popular 3 3/4″ scale. Following the sucess of Star Wars and G.I. Joe comic packs, Marvel packs are a natural fit; these being comic book characters and all that. For their first venture, HASBRO chose the 12 issue limited series “Secret Wars”.

Comic pack #1 (featuring Secret Wars #1) includes Captain America and the villian Klaw. I thought I had a pretty solid base of comic knowledge; but I frankly had no idea who Klaw was.  But after some time with wikipedia, turns out he’s a dude who’s solid sound, and apparently very skinny.  Through the apparatus on his hand (his claw, I presume) he can use his sound for attack.  And he’s a PhD, which is pretty cool.  There’s not enough PhD’s in the Marvel universe.  The toy features much of the same articulation as Captain America, but becaue of how thin he is, he’s a less attractive figure.  While he’s an alright figure, Cap takes the prize in this pack.

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Secret Wars 2 Packs #1

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