Figure of the Day 21 – Universe Legends Brawn


Series: Transformers Universe Legends
Release Date: 2008
Comments:  The legends toys were introduced to be lower price point versions of larger toys.  Once the classics series of Transformers were released, the brains at HASBRO thought that this price point was a good opportunity to revisit the classic G1 mini-cars.  And they couldn’t have made a better decision.

Brawn has never looked better.  His Universe Legends update is a brand new sculpt – I mean, Brawn actually has a head and shoulders, and decent legs and arms.  Granted the G1 release of Brawn (see comparison photo after the jump) isn’t the strongest of G1 figures, but Universe Brawn is simply a great little fun toy.  I hope that after the movie toys are forgotten that HASBRO goes back and revisits the mini-cars in the Legends scale because they make great toys!

brawn comparison
universe brawn vehicle

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