Figure of the Day 18 – Cyclops


Series: X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Release Date: 1998
Comments:  In 1996 Capcom released the arcade version of ‘X-Men vs. Street Fighter’ taking characters from MARVEL’s merry band of mutants and pitting them against their own.  The game proved to be popular enough (though I preferred Marvel Super Heroes myself) to convince ToyBiz to release a series of X-Men vs. Street Fighter 2-packs, one character per universe for each pack.

Cyclops’ partner in the 2-pack was M. Bison, who was sold off about 2 weeks after getting the set.  This Cyclops figure was, hands down, the best ToyBiz Jim Lee Cyclops released.  My only criticism is that the soft-goods coat is a little bulky, but ToyBiz gets points for game accuracy for including the jacket.  An A+ figure!

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