Figure of the Day 17 – Hulk (World War Hulk)

Hulk (World War Hulk)

Series: Hulk Superhero Squad
Release Date: 2008
Comments:  These 2″ deformed toys are almost irresistible.  As 1/2 of a 2 pack (packaged with Hulkbuster Armor Iron Man),  Hulk here is sporting his outfit from the World War Hulk story line.  I haven’t read a Hulk book in ~ 15 years, so I had no idea what World War Hulk was, but then I looked on Wikipedia.  What I do know is that Hulk seems to be wearing a metal headband – which makes him retro-cool.  I will admit some disappointment that , Hulk is lacking the trademark Superhero Squad smile, instead having a serious grimace across his mug.

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