Toy Fair 2018 – Super7

Super7 made a big splash when they took over Masters of the Universe from MattyCollector, but they’ve been working hard to expand their product offering and their display at Toy Fair showed the results of those efforts.

On the Masters of the Universe side of things, their previously shown Classic and Deluxe Classics were on display as well as their new Filmation ‘vintage’ style figures. Also on display was Masters glassware and ReAction style figures. 

The surprise of the show was a number of Transformers based items.  From glassware, Halloween buckets, Transformers character ‘Keshi’ blind boxed minifigures to awesome 12″ ‘Super Cyborg’ Megatron and Optimus Prime there was certainly more than meets the eye to the Super7 display.

Also ReAction figures had a great showing with new Universal Monsters, Planets of the Apes, Robotech, Misfits and more making a strong showing. ReAction is in great hands being back at Super7.

This is just a quick summary of the product on hand at the show.  See it all in the gallery below.

Super7 Begins Revealing SDCC Exclusives – Masters of the Universe ReAction, MUSCLE, The Worst and More

Super7 has started revealing (and teasing) their SDCC exclusives. Officially revealed are:

  • Super7 x Heavy Metal Magazine Lord Of Light 3.75-inch ReAction Figure Black & Gold Variant
  • The Worst M.U.S.C.L.E. 1.75-inch Figures  in both blue and green

And teased:

  • Masters of the Universe ReAction Collector’s Case
  • Masters of the Universe M.U.S.C.L.E. Windraider and Roton

Look for more exclusives to be revealed over the next few days. 

Super7’s “The Worst” Animated Series in Development

Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the award winning animation studio behind “Robot Chicken,” “SuperMansion” starring Bryan Cranston, and the upcoming Netflix series “Buddy Thunderstruck”, and San Francisco based toy and apparel company Super7 announced today at Toy Fair in New York that they are teaming to develop an all new animated television series based on Super7’s popular toy line “The Worst.”

There are good guys. There are bad guys. And then there are…“The Worst”! Created in 2016 as a standalone toy line, “The Worst” began with Super7 looking back historically at their favorite franchises and finding that the best (or worst) characters in any given series were usually the villains. With that in mind, “The Worst” grew into an all new line of characters that were the best of the worst, and became an overnight hit with collectors, immediately selling out limited run action figures within days of release.

In the dead of night, “The Worst” are unleashed! The most villainously vile vermin ever assembled lurk in the shadows and plot their evil deeds. What’s the Worst that could happen? Definitely do not expect them to play nice! “The Worst” are the meanest of the mean and the baddest of the bad – simply put, they are the Worst bad guys ever! Their unholy alliance (all of whom will be title characters in the new animated series) features:

  • Black Falcon – Undead Warlord of Doom
  • Robot Reaper – Robotic Harbinger of Death
  • X-2 the Unknown – Mysterious Shadow Assassin
  • Gas Phantom – Ethereal Specter of Evil
  • Batula – Bat Prince of Darkness
  • Snake Tut – Serpent God of Destruction

Super7 Founder Brian Flynn said, “We are really excited about the opportunity to share ‘The Worst’ ideas we have ever had with the world. Starting with toys, and now moving into animation, we look forward to having worse ideas with even worse partners to create ‘The Worst’ animation ever.”

“Being the nerds of nostalgia that we are, we were all in as soon as we saw the art on the packaging for ‘The Worst’ figures.  What could be better than awesome heavy metal inspired art with action figures that only have 5 points of articulation?  Answer?  A cartoon!” said Stoopid Buddy Stoodios co-founder John Harvatine IV.

Led by founders and partners Seth Green, John Harvatine IV, Matthew Senreich and Eric Towner, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios is well known for its Emmy Award-winning stop motion sketch comedy television series “Robot Chicken” which recently aired its eighth season, created and executive produced by Seth Green and Matthew Senreich along with co-head writers Douglas Goldstein and Tom Root for Adult Swim. The team is currently in production on a new special themed to “The Walking Dead” that will premiere in 2017.

They are also the brains behind Sony Crackle’s hugely successful “SuperMansion” starring Bryan Cranston, Yvette Nicole Brown, Keegan-Michael Key and Chris Pine. Season 2 began streaming on February 16.

Most recently, they were responsible for Netflix’s new stop-motion children’s series “Buddy Thunderstruck” in collaboration with American Greetings Entertainment. The highly anticipated show will begin streaming on March 10.

Super7 Announces Next Wave of Masters of the Universe Classics

Super7 today announced the next four figures in the Masters of the Universe Classics line. Picking up where Matty left off, the four new figures include:

Fangor – The Evil Weapons Master of the Snake Men comes equipped with sword and snake-tools to aid in his construction of the fiendish serpent weaponry for his comrades. Fangor also comes with flying serpent accessory and alternate head.

Quakke – The Evil Mutant from the New Adventures of He-Man comes with his Grabatron Meteormace and two part Meteor.

Hawke – The Heroic Winged Warrior of Avion comes with sword, smoke gun and alternate head.

Lodar – The Evil Master of Slave City comes with his mace and giant chains.

Details on how the figures were going to be released were not announced today, but stay tuned for more details.

SDCC 2016 – Super7’s 3 3/4″ Figures and More

SDCC 2016 logoEver since their announcement of the Alien ReAction line a few years ago, Super7 has gained the attention of action figure fans everywhere. With the announcement that they’re the new stewards of Masters of the Universe this attention will be continuing.

Their SDCC display (in the exhibit hall – I haven’t been to Skeletor’s Lair yet) features new Streetfighter 3 3/4″ ReAction style figures, their ReAction style Masters of the Universe figures, collectible glassware, the debut of 3 3/4″ Hellboy figures and new Alien M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. Of course there’s much more in their case – so check out the gallery!

SDCC 2015 – Super 7’s Booth Space

cc15 tnI already wrote about Super7’s off-site spectacle Skeletor’s Lair, but their space in the convetion center was pretty awesome in it’s own right. From their exclusive vinyl toys to special ReAction figure sets to some amazing t-shirts (I bought the 8-bit Deathstar shirt). Check it all out in the gallery below, and if you see something you like check out for more awesome product.

Super7 Debut SDCC Exclusive Jumbo He-Man and Skeletor ‘Test’ Shots

cc15 tnThe newest addition to Skletor’s Lair, the Super7 Masters of the Universe Pop-Up shop has been revealed – ‘test shots’ of the Jumbo He-Man and Skeletor figures. They’ve recreated the look of test shot figures which are made using whichever colors or plastic are in the injection molding machine at the time. Each figure is $95 and is limited to one per person.

Skeletor’s Lair can be found at 701 8th Ave in San Diego.

skeletor jumbo test shot heman jumbo test shot

Super7 Gives Masters of the Universe a ReAction Makeover for SDCC

cc15 tnWith just over a week before SDCC, Super7 has started showing the goods. Today they revealed the next item in their Skeletor’s Lair Pop-Up shop – a set of 4 “Stage 01 Prototype” Masters of the Universe action figures. These “rediscovered” action figures give He-Man, Skeletor, Mer-Manr and Beast Man a ReAction figure make-over. This set is priced at $60 and limited to one per person.

They are also amazing.

MOTU ReAction CC15

Super7 Reveals M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. As Part of SDCC Masters of the Universe Pop-Up Shop

cc15 tnSuper7 has something Skeletorrific planned for SDCC,  a Masters of the Universe Pop-Up shop! They’ve provided a teaser for one of the items that will be available – a mash up for the Masters of the Universe and the 80’s wrestling mini-figs M.U.S.C.L.E M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E.!

These are certain to be incredibly hot at SDCC (I know they’re near the top of my want list), as Super7 did a few years ago with Alien ReAction figures, they’ve done something really cool and fun with SDCC.  Check them out below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

CC15 Super 7 MOTUSCLE 2 CC15 Super 7 MOTUSCLE

Super7’s SDCC Exclusive Vinyl Figures Revealed

cc15 tnSuper7 have revealed their 2015 SDCC exclusive vinyl figures. Each of these will be available at booth #4945 at the show. The exclusives are:

  • Caveman Dino -Aurora Kit Caveman –  $35
  • Foster – Chocolate Mint Swirl – $25
  • Frederick – Night Light Frederick – $35
  • Honoo – Dying Light Honoo – $35
  • Milton – Chocolate Mint Swirl – $25
  • Mongolion – Red Menace – $65
  • Pocket Mummy Boy – Pink Power – $25
  • Pie Guy – Chocolate Mint Swirl – $25
  • Pumpking Boy – Green Ghost – $65
  • Pocket Rose Vampire – Pink Power – $25

Super7 Teases He-Man and Masters of the Universe SDCC Exclusives

cc15 tnSuper7 has started teasing something special for SDCC with a He-Man and the Masters of the Universe twist. At the show, swing by the Super7 booth (#4945) or the Mattel Booth (#3029) to pick up a Skeletoken. This Skeletoken will let you into Skeletor’s Lair (and pop-up shop) at 701 8th Avenue (Corner of 8th and G). They’ve not previewed any of the merchandise yet, but stay tuned.


Aliens ReAction Egg Chamber Playsets Opened Up to the Masses

SDCC 2014 logo bSuper7’s plans for their SDCC exclusive Alien Egg Chamber playset got a ton of attention, with it being an equal mix of excitement for the faux-vintage playset and the other half being disappointment that it was limited to 250 pieces and would be extremely difficult to obtain, even for those attending SDCC. That’s all changed now, as Super7 have announced that, in addition to the 250 pieces at SDCC, they would be opening up pre-orders for a 2nd edition where the only change would be the box color. During comic-con, the Super7 website will be taking pre-orders for the Alien Egg Chamber playset, with it being priced at $100 + $15 shipping. These are being produced, essentially, made to order, and the total edition size will be limited to the orders taken. These are expected to take approximately six months to manufacture, so orders would ship in early 2015, possibly earlier. Pre-orders will be taken at

super7 egg chamber regular edition

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