2017 SDCC Exclusives List Launched

Since 2010 AwesomeToyBlog has strived to compiled the most complete list of San Diego Comic-con exclusive items and that goal continues into 2017 as this year’s list is now live. Hallmark and Gentle Giant have joined Cryptozoic in announcing exclusives for the show. 

You can find the exclusives list here. Bookmark this page, like the site on facebook, follow me on twitter, subscribe to the feed and subscribe to my YouTube channel to get all the news. I updated anytime I get wind of a new exclusive, meaning this list gets longer and longer the closer we get to the show. Stay tuned – there’s some great stuff on the horizon!

AwesomeToyBlog’s 2014 SDCC Exclusives List Goes Live!

SDCC 2014 logoIt seems that Matty’s Hordak announcment today was the kick in the butt I needed to launch this year’s exclusive page. Now in it’s 5th year, this is your go-to stop for all the announced SDCC exclusives you’ll find at the show. The list is a bit sparse right now (hence why I’m starting it about two months later than previous years), but I’m sure it’ll be filling up in no time. Be sure to bookmark or subscribe to this year’s page. You can find it on the menu to the left or right here.

AwesomeToyBlog launches 3rd annual SDCC Exclusives tracker for 2012

Over the weekend the AwesomeToyBlog San Diego Comic-con exclusives tracker for 2012 went live. With just a few exclusives announced, the list is a little light – but be sure to check back; exclusives will start rolling in soon. You can find the page here, or check the link on the left, or just go to That URL will take you direct to the page!

If you’re interested in being a sponsor of AwesomeToyBlog, the exclusives page is a great opportunity to a huge amount of exposure. Email me for details.


AwesomeToyBlog is 1,000 posts old!

This is AwesomeToyBlog’s 1000th post, which sort of amazes me.  I just wanted to take a quick break from the Comic-con coverage and take a moment to call out a few folks who help this blog out, either directly or indirectly.  There’s a great group of folks on twitter, many of them bloggers themselves that I’ve come to respect; OAFE, williambwest, slickmcfavorite, rac2750 and exveebrawn.  All great folks, all people you should follow. Two others, who I have a crazy amount of respect for are Adam Pawlus (adam16bit on twitter of and Bobbi of RavingToyManiac.  Both have helped AwesomeToyBlog in ways they probably can’t imagine. Nor would they want to.

On the corporate side of things, I need to thank Robyn at Underground Toys and Danny with HunterPR (who works on the team that handles Hasbro’s PR).  These were the first two companies I worked with as a blogger, and content they provided resulted in some much needed traffic early on.  Over the course of this year, I’ve really widened the scope of the site as I now interact with NECA, Mezco, Funko, Lego, Sideshow and others.

So what’s the future hold for AwesomeToyBlog?  In the next year I’m looking to expand the site, and maybe even bring on some contributors.  SDCC 2011 was a huge success, thanks to my exclusives tracker – so I’ll announce now that I will be having a 2012 SDCC exclusives page; and I’ll be working hard to make it the biggest and most comprehensive list out there!  Stick around as the next 1000 posts are going to be great!

AwesomeToyBlog heading to Toy Fair

The AwesomeToyBlog staff is up early today to catch a flight to New York city to attend the 2011 Toy Fair.  Coverage will kick off Saturday after Hasbro’s event.  Companies that will be covered on Sunday and Monday include Lego, Mezco Toyz, Bif Bang Pow!, Underground Toys, NECA and anyone else I can talk to!  Keep an eye on AwesomeToyBlog, or for realtime updates follow me on Twitter!

AwesomeToyBlog looks back at 2010

With it being New Years Eve, what better time to take a look back at the year in toys.  There’s tons of lists and retrospectives out there, so I’m going to keep this brief, just sharing my thoughts on toy and line of the year and some words on AwesomeToyBlog in general.  With no fanfare, lets go.

Toy of the Year:   2010 was a mixed bag as far as toys went, but this was a pretty easy call to make.  Hasbro’s new AT-AT takes the prize this year.  This toy is super detailed, super big, works as both a vehicle and a playset,  has action features which work and add to the toy, has numerous sounds and lights, and most importantly, this toy is super fun.  Runners up included: Sideshow’s 12″ Darth Vader, Masters of the Universe She-Ra, Marvel Universe Galactus, Doctor Who Classics ‘Unearthly Child 1st Doctor’

Line of the Year:  Again, this was an easy call for me to make; my choice for line of the year is Underground Toys’ Doctor Who Classics.  For many years I thought that Dapol’s Doctor Who line was the going to represent the pinnacle in Doctor Who action figures; which is sad as many of the figures aren’t very good.  But Underground Toys proved me wrong in 2010 by continuing and expanding the scope of their classics line.  The highlights of 2010 were classic TARDISes, a box set of all 11 Doctors, Cybermen, and several incarnations of the Master.  More than any other toy line this year, Doctor Who Classics has made me excited and fulfilled the wishes of my  pre-teen / teen self who would watch Doctor Who every Saturday at 3PM on WITF-TV.  Thanks Underground Toys!   Runner Up: Marvel Universe; the start of the year was rocky, but the toys are great and I looked forward to each wave.

AwesomeToyBlog in 2010: 2010 was a great year for the blog, it being the first year that I really stuck with it!  Phoenix Comic-con and San Diego Comic-con were the years big events, 2011 plans to cover both of those and more.  To close up this post, I just wanted to thank a few folks who’ve helped out this year:

  • Bobbi from Raving Toy Maniac, we’ve been e-friends for years and she’s been very helpful this and every year.  She’s the best!
  • Hunter PR and Hasbro, providing me with you official images, news and Hasbro Q&A through the year.
  • Adam Pawlus from, Galactic Hunter; he’s a fellow Phoenician twitter bud who reports his finds regularly resulting in me dashing to the store.
  • ExVee and RAC from, both were helpful this year with TF questions, particularly while I was wandering around Europe.  Props to these guys!
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