Second Tier of Bonus Items Revealed for HASLAB Rancor Campaign

Hasbro’s HASLAB campaign for the Star Wars Black Series Rancor has three weeks left to hit it’s funding target to go into production. We’ve already seen the carded 6″ scale Gammorean Guard that unlocks with 11,000 backets…and now we’ve seen the second tier incentives which unlock at 13,500 backers. If this tier is unlocked a movie inspired display background and a set of bones (several ribcages, a Tauntaun skull, a Gamorrean Guard skull, a human skull, a male Twi’lek skull, and a female Twi’lek skull) which will really build the scene where Luke takes down the monsterous Rancor.

Of course these bonus bones on become available once 13,500 people back the HASLAB campaign. As of the writing of this article, the campaign is sitting at 5,098 backers.

Images of the new incentives are below. The HASLAB can be found here.

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